Monday, 25 March 2013

Titanium Application Development - An Emerging Trend in the Development Market

Titanium Application development By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD
Titanium Application Development is greatly accepted by the many developers as it is considered as one of the finest cross-platform tool kits available for mobile development. Based on important technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc., this framework works effectively to develop build native applications for many smartphones, including iOS and Android platform supportable. Appcelerator Titanium is one of the demandable open source application frameworks available at zero cost. This open source framework consists of four layers and has all the application source files considerably the HTML/CSS/JavaScript code and the user interface of the application.
In this framework, you will find same APIs, just like phone and other modules, which is excellent for accessing analytics, native desktop/device functionality or other modular functionality. In third layer, one can find the language-OS bridge, which is accumulates web code into native application code for sorting out the multiple OS version obstruction. Last but an impressive feature is the run-time shell that bundle the whole application for cross-platform distribution. One of the best things about Titanium Application Development is it supports many mobile platforms such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Titanium provides the latest IDE that compiled all things in to single destination for incorporating the development and deployment workflow. Due to this, it manages work effectively.
Hire Titanium Application developers By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD
This platform offers easily coding with JavaScript as compare to other native languages. Most of the developers are recommending Titanium Application Development as it offers many built-in API's which is excellent for development process and deduct the requirements of customizing code for the UI factor. Titanium developers don’t have to worry regarding issues like orientation, screen size or other system issues as it is managed by this platform itself. Talking about its Extensibility, developers can easily create modules in objective-C or Java that works fabulous for customizing native functionality of the development. We can say these modules called-in titanium application.
In development procedure, this feature centers on the plug-in Architecture. An excellent thing for developer is they can support for developing and packaging application from Titanium studio. Important information like SDK details, certificate, provision profile, etc. for iPhone or password and key store location for Android based device is considered as input within the Titanium studio for developing feature-rich and robust application. If you are thinking to develop Titanium application for multiple platforms, simple Hire Titanium Application Developers from one of the reliable development companies and enjoy excellent development service.

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