Tuesday, 5 March 2013

PhoneGap Cross-platform Framework: Develop Multiple OS Supported App

PhoneGap Cross Platform Framework Application Development
An open source cross-platform framework, PhoneGap allows mobile developers to create some innovative and robust mobile applications that support different mobile operating systems. Using latest web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, PhoneGap has gained huge popularity in the market because of its wonderful features that it offers to its users. Many mobile app developers are there, who have a huge interest in mobile development, so PhoneGap is one of the excellent solutions for them as it allow them to influence existing skills instead of start from scratch.
There are many other cross-platform frameworks in the market; however, PhoneGap is an ideal solution that has grabbed the attention of various people. Now, it becomes easily possible to run developed application on multiple devices with the same code base. Mobile developers don’t have to write code again and again for different mobile platforms and waste their precious time. So companies and users can save their huge amount of money by adopting PhoneGap solution. It is also the most important point to keep in mind that applications, which are developed using PhoneGap platform, are not similar with mobile websites, which you can find.
PhoneGap applications allow you easy connect with the mobile device hardware, and it is like other tools such as GPS and accelerometer. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to go through PhoneGap development India as it is a wonderful platform that allows you to enjoy hassle-free development of applications of different business verticals. This cross-platform framework serves application solution for almost all the categories and different mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Android, HP WebOS, Palm, Bada and more. So mobile developers can use this platform and enjoy various innovative features to your cross-platform mobile app.
PhoneGap Application Development
It is one such cross-platform framework that comes with PhoneGap SDK (Software Development Kit) by which you will get a complete range of application interfaces in order to get help for different mobile features. Compass sensor API, Globalization API, Accelerometer API, Connection API, Geolocation API, Storage API and many more are mobile hardware APIs supported by PhoneGap. By making use of these effective PhoneGap APIs, you can easily develop magnificent and splendid applications to use.
Today in the market, there are many experienced PhoneGap developers obtainable, who are well-known for their creative work and service that you can hire at cost-effective rates. You can easily hire PhoneGap developers from Perception System and get your required application developed in mean-time.

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