Thursday, 29 November 2012

Titanium Mobile App Development – Use for Range of Cross Platform App Development

Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Application Development
These days, the demand of mobile application development is increasing rapidly and there are many new concepts introduced in the market to enhance the industry of mobile app. When it comes to talk about most popular platform to develop mobile, desktop and tablet app, Appcelerator Titanium is one such platform that comes in everyone’s mind. Now, it becomes easily possible to develop wonderful and fruitful applications for Android, iPad, Blackberry devices with the help of titanium mobile application development service. JavaScript, PHP, HTML and Python are the languages that used in Appcelerator titanium application development.
One of the biggest benefits of Titanium on other multi platform solutions; it is an actual native application that fits well in every native’s ecology that it supports. There are a range of features that offered by Appcelerator Titanium. This mobile app development supports for standards based web technologies including Javascript, CSS and more. It is also integrated support for different and popular AJAX and JavaScript frameworks such as MooTools, jQuery, Scriptaculous, YUI and many more.
Titanium is one of the biggest and most popular open source application development platforms, which is obtainable for free so it is considered as a cost-effective platform. With this well-known framework, developers are able to create native mobile, desktop and tablet application by using an existing common web language. There are various exclusive features that one can enjoy by using Appcelerator titanium application development but one need to get the service of an experienced developer for enjoying below mentioned features:
  • As I mentioned above that titanium supports for different mobile platforms that include Blackberry, iPhone and Android.
  • The best feature about Appcelerator Titanium platform is that it is extremely easy to use as compare to other platforms.
  • Get huge flexibility with open interfaces as well as licensing by which developers are able to introduce support for extra scripting languages, device-specific functionality and media codecs.
  • For scripting languages support, almost all types of web technologies apache 2 public license support.
  • It supports for Amazon, Smart Card, eBay and Facebook and third-party API integration.
  • Unique and affluent multimedia access comprising applications for video recording, camera and more.
So, these are some features that you can enjoy by using Appcelerator titanium application development service. All you need to do is hire an experienced developer of Titanium mobile app so that you will get best quality service of Titanium platform and enjoy its range of features.
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