Monday, 18 March 2013

PhoneGap - Best & Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Framework

PhoneGap - Best & Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Framework At PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD
Best and free open source cross-platform framework, PhoneGap allows users to create an ample of mobile applications with the help of standardized web APIs for the platforms for which they cared. Currently, PhoneGap is the most popular open source framework that used to build cross-platform mobile applications. The developers, who are using this framework, do not have to use native language to develop applications as they can use JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 for developing dynamic mobile applications that are compatible with different mobile OS.
Mobile app developers can easily leverage their skills in the common platform instead of a particular device programming language. PhoneGap is an excellent option for all those developers, who want to create a single codebase to target various devices like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbain, BADA, Palm and more. So if you want to get such mobile application that runs on different mobile platforms, then opting for PhoneGap is a better choice for you. You can find many other cross-platform frameworks like Snecha Touch, RhoMobile, Titanium and many more; however, PhoneGap is the only framework that is gaining rapid popularity in the market.
Because of various innovative features and aspects, PhoneGap becomes one of the most preferred cross-platform frameworks that allow you to gain a range of benefits. By using this framework, you can develop such application that can find its place in the Apple App store and Google Play store. So there is no need to create same application for different platforms as you can use it’s codebase for another platform and develop a wonderful application of your needs. Users of this framework can also find PhoneGap SDK tool that provides them lots of application interfaces so that they can easily deal with particular mobile feature.
Accelerometer API, Media API, Compass sensor API, Connection API, Geolocation API, Storage API and many more are some of the common mobile hardware APIs that are supported by PhoneGap. All these given APIs are released by PhoneGap, and each of this API is a platform specific. So if you want to develop lots of applications, it is important to install specific platform SDK. Generally, all the SDKs offer mobile developers libraries as well as important tools that are required by them while developing, debugging, and testing application for particular mobile platform. Moreover, this platform is also best for big companies and organizations that are using applications for promoting their products and brands.
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