Monday, 28 January 2013

Popular Cross Platforms for Mobile Application Development

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development At PERCEPTION SYSTEM PVT LTD
In recent times, the demand of a mobile application development is increasing rapidly as lots of new technologies and concepts are introduced to enhance the mobile application industry. These days, cross-platform is one of the best platforms to develop mobile applications. When there was no cross platform, a mobile application developer needs to create application for different platforms like Android, iPhone and more. If application created on Android platform, it doesn’t work on the iPhone smart-phone.
If any business owner wanted to develop an application for his business, he had to create an application for all the platforms. And it was quite expensive for all the businessmen. For mobile app developers, it is one of the major issues that have been solved after launching cross-platform frameworks. These days, there are various resources obtainable for the developers to develop a cross platform application for mobile phones. Among all the popular resources, mainly there are two platforms that are known for their best performance. Have a look at these two platforms and their benefits:
PhoneGap Mobile Application Development
PhoneGap: Among other platforms, PhoneGap is one of the most demanded open source frameworks that used to create cross-platform mobile applications. By making use of this framework, developers are able to develop apps for Symbian, iPhone, Palm, Android, and BlackBerry platforms. For the development of applications, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript languages are used. It also enables developers to make use of their skills on one platform instead of different platforms. Therefore, it is considered as great frameworks for those, who are looking to create single codebase in order to target various gadgets.
Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Application Development
Appcelerator Titanium: Titanium is one of the leading cross-platform frameworks that allow developers to develop mobile applications for different platforms like iPhone, Android and more. Through this framework, developers can create applications for mobile, tablet and desktops. JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Python, CSS and more are the languages that used by this framework for developing applications. Mobile app developers can make use of this framework and build native applications for different smart-phones. As compare to other frameworks, it has gained huge popularity in the market because of its user-friendly and ease performance.
So are you looking to build an application that supports different platforms? Perception System is a specialized in mobile application development, and it also offers cross-platform mobile application development service for its valuable clients worldwide. The company has proficient expertise in the sector of mobile application development, so it is a great deal for you to allot your cross-platform mobile app development to Perception System and get lots of benefits.
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  1. Cross-OS platforms for mobile development on the whole are not yet a completely perfect, have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too solution, but many of them offer an excellent alternative to ignoring one mobile OS in favor of another or, perhaps worse, burning serious resources to develop for two or three platforms at once. mobile application development

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