Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Advantages of Hiring Cross-Platform App Developers

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There is a constant augmentation in the usage of mobile applications. Most of the people go with mobile application development to get their desired application for their smart-phones. As compare to other people, who are looking for mobile applications development, businessmen plays a very important role. Because there are millions of businessmen, who wanted to get an application on a particular platform and make their day-to-day work easy. For many businessmen, a mobile application is sales channel, so it is quite expensive for them to develop a single application for different platforms like Android, iOS, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows and more.
At such situation, cross-platform comes into existence and helps a lot to business to save their maximum amount of money. Many of you are not aware with cross-platform, which is one of the best concepts to develop an application. Providing more information on it, cross-platform supports with various languages and classes, so developers can code for one application that can be used for all platforms with some little changes. We can say that a cross-platform developed application is supportable with all the native platforms. Hybrid application is a word that you can use for such application that is developed on such frameworks. So, you can hire Cross Platform App Developers and get your required application.
Various frameworks are available that allow you to develop hybrid applications with least cost. Each of the framework as its own features and benefits to offer, and developer can choose any framework according to the users’ requirements. Have a look at some popular frameworks that allow you to enjoy a range of features:
Appcelerator Titanium: Appcelerator Titanium is one of the most powerful frameworks that enable developers to create applications for native platforms. This framework is based on different web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML and many more to provide users an ultimate experience. For mobile app developers, this framework is an excellent tool on which they can create applications for various supportable platforms like BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, iOS, etc. You can hire Titanium Application developers, who have years of experience in mobile application development market so that you don’t have compromise with the quality.
PhoneGap: PhoneGap is another most popular open-source cross-platform framework that lets developers to develop mobile application for approximately seven different platforms such as Windows, iOS, BlackBerry, Bada, Android, Palm WebOS, and Symbian. PhoneGap is one such cross-platform framework that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages to create innovative applications. Thus, it is important for you to hire PhoneGap Application Developers if you have decided to get an application that developed on PhoneGap framework.
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