Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Grow Your Business with Cross Platform Application Development

Cross Platform Application Development at PERCEPTION SYSTEM
After launched of Apple's platform in 2008, the growth of Mobile application development has increased. We all are well-aware of the growth of the Android platform that makes confuse to the developers. Now, they are getting confused regarding what to develop first, iPhone apps or Android apps? Android, Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, iPad and Blackberry are the different mobile platform of which developers have to develop various apps. Days are gone when companies were developing or choosing one platform for developing an apps.
Now, they have to create separate apps for different platforms. With numerous options of Smart phones, developers have to write applications for each device separately. Businesses are facing challenges to create custom mobile applications. For customization, different set of tools and programming skills are required. Each supported platform will charge different cost of customization. Due to all such reasons, developers are looking for Cross Platform Application Development as different mobile platform comes with different UI. With this development, developers only have to write code once and it supports on more than one platform.
Cross platform application development is one of the best alternatives for ignoring one mobile OS with other or creating various version of apps for more than one platform. Previously, developers have to make different code for every version of apps. But with HTML5, developers can able to run a single code-base on all major mobile platforms. At present, developers prefer only HTML5 for creating cross-platform mobile applications. Only for developers, there are various cross-platform development tools introduce to develop cross platform apps like MoSync, Titanium, RhoMobile, PhoneGap, WidgetPad, Appcelerator, etc. Let's discuss two of above tools in details:
PhoneGap: Being the open source platform, PhoneGap is one of the best tools for developing hybrid applications in CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Using this solution, developers can easily create numerous applications for Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry OS, IOS, etc. Apache Foundation taken this platform and added some latest features, many performance enhancements and tools in the first version of migration. One of the best feature of this tools is it supports the full feature update Mango Windows Phone. Even, developers can able to implement all the latest features of PhoneGap while developing an application.
Titanium: Based on Eclipse, a unified development environment is offered by Titanium for accessing native widgets of the every SDKS. But, it is supportable less platforms than PhoneGap. Some difficulties connected with the programming languages and heterogeneous development environments can be sorted with these multi-platform solutions.
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