Monday, 18 November 2013

How Titanium and PhoneGap Differs From Each Other?

How Titanium and PhoneGap Differs From Each Other?
Nowadays, the trend of easy coding is popular among the developers as it allows single application to run on multiple platforms without any strong efforts. Cross platform coding is one of the finest choices for those people, who are looking for application development or software developers for their business. It helps to save huge amount of cash by supporting all the major devices.
When it comes to mobile application developments, developers usually prefer to hire Cross Platform Developer, who undertakes their application development task. There are many cross platform development framework available in the market, from which Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap are the most popular. Both of these platforms come with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it doesn’t affect much to the development task.
Overview on Appcelerator Titanium
Titanium is one of the remarkable cross platform framework uses JavaScript code, preprocesses and investigates it. The codes into a set of symbols are complied by this cross platform Titanium development tool that resolved according to the use of Titanium APIs applications. Looking at the functionality of this framework, we are finding it efficient enough to compile apps and using iPhone SDK for developing native application. MORE INFO
Overview on PhoneGap
Moving towards PhoneGap, it is helpful for installing and deploying HTML based web applications as native applications. No matter, you want to develop complex or modern application; you can simply develop every kind of apps with remarkable features and functionality. Enhancement of application with Cross platform PhoneGap development environment can also be done through some of the device’s feature through API. MORE INFO
Difference In Both Cross Platform Tools
The simple difference between both the cross platform tools is Titanium is a pure JavaScript API for developing native code, while PhoneGap is a web based solution. Looking at the features of both the frameworks, there are many differences.
Starting from Titanium API, it is used for interacting with native code while PhoneGap API is great for interacting as characteristic JS for your web code.
Web standards doesn’t supported by Titanium while through PhoneGap, one can easily create standard web page. HTML5/ CSS3 are supported by PhoneGap and it is a web app that performs in native web browser view.
With some features, we have found that both the frameworks are much different from each other, but play a vital role in creating remarkable web applications. If you want to access application created with these platforms, hire Cross Platform Developer from reliable mobile application Development Company.


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