Monday, 25 November 2013

Hottest Facts About Cross Platform App Development Frameworks

Hottest Facts About Cross Platform App Development Frameworks
We have seen a massive boost in technology today. There is a collection of smart devices available in the market and thus, applications as well. It becomes difficult for developers to create separate app for particular framework, so the demand for Cross Platform App Development arises. Do you know facts about Cross Platform App Development framework? In this blog, you can get important facts to know:
Smart devices become an integral part of our life. When we have to shop clothing or any home improvement products, we can get instantly through mobile devices. However, the latest technologies arises enhance the demand of customers that create a big challenge for developers to create mobile application.
Creating an application is not a difficult task; developers have to develop apps that deliver high-performance and better functionality. There are many mobile app development companies, creating remarkable applications that take device to a next level. Such web development companies have an experienced and professional team, who is well-versed with mobile application tools and solves issues raised cross-platform framework.
There are some emerging facts of leading cross-platform framework, let’s check out what they are:
Appcelerator Titanium is developer’s first choice. This cross platform framework has award winning environment that helps enterprise to gain an important competitive edge with chances to market 60 percent faster. More than 50,000 applications on over 153, 319, 678 devices are developed by this framework, which is a great figure for any framework. Having remarkable JavaScript and single code base helps developers to manage various toolkits, methodologies and languages with an ease. This Cross Platform App Development framework is an excellent for creating, testing and publishing mobile applications.
Another Great Cross-Platform Framework:
The greatest Cross Platform App Development framework is HTML5 as it is mainly preferred by 90% among 5000 developers rather than to choose native apps. Among these 90 percent of developers, 20% worked for enterprises, 29% worked for startup ventures and 51% of the developers worked for small to mid-sized businesses. From entertainment to lifestyle, productivity, utility, consumer, LOB, social networking, and so, every kind of applications are developed by using HTML5 programming language. But the fact is HTML5 has its own limitation, it is very troublesome to create apps for Blackberry and iOS platforms with this language.
PhoneGap – Playing Major Role in developing Cross-Platform Apps:
PhoneGap is next in a queue that helps developers and companies in developing open source applications. Modern web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS are used for creating cross-platform mobile apps. Its architecture combines three different layers sch as Web application, PhoneGap and OS and native APIs. Using PhoneGap, developers creates applications for Android, Symbian, Blackberry, OS's iPhone, Windows mobile, and webOS with remarkable functionality.
These are some facts of your favorite Cross Platform App Development frameworks that you must consider before choosing one for your projects. If you want other information about cross platform application development or related things, visit our blog.


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