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5 Simply Outstanding Cross Platform Application Development Tools For Developers

5 Simply Outstanding Cross Platform Application Development Tools For Developers news By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD

All the major platforms are fighting for first position, it becomes tougher for developers to choose single platform for developing apps. Those developers, who are facing problem of choosing platform to build remarkable app, can go with cross-platform development, which is single solution for all operating system. A perfect development cannot be possible without perfect tools; here we come with list of top 5 cross-platform development tools that surely work.
RhoMobile RhoMobile delivers Rhodes, an open-source framework that totally based on Ruby. Using RhoMobile, developers can able to develop native apps and can span over a stunning range of OS’ and smart devices. RhoMobile is best for operating systems like Symbian, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and RIM. RhoMobile supplies this framework in which you just have to code once for developing apps for various OS. Having such codes, you can easily create apps for all types of smart device. Moreover, native apps also work excellently in this hardware and run with great speed and remarkable accuracy. RhoHub is also offered by RhoMobile that is nothing but a hosted development environment while RhoSync is best for keeping all your app data current on your device.
Appcelerator Appcelerator is one of my favorite cross-platform tools for creating cross-platform mobile applications. It is one of the hottest tools among developers that rated #1 by social networking website. Appcelerator is a FOSS framework that delivers Titanium Development Platform for native tablet, mobile and desktop app development. Some of the remarkable web development languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML are used by this framework. Developers can easily able to customize metrics for actions and events by using Appcelerator Titanium. One of the best things about this tool, it allows to store data in device or the cloud.
WidgetPad WidgetPad is one of the smartest development tools for developing smart application using standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. With WidgetPad, one can able to manage their project, perform tasks like debugging, collaboration, versioning and distribution and even edit source code. Using WidgetPad, developers can able to develop different genre of apps for various platforms and mobile OS like WebOS, iOS and Android.
MoSync As a developer, you have an idea about different types of FOSS cross-platform development tools that mostly used by industries. Among all the popular tools, one of the hottest tools is MoSync, which is totally based on common programming standards. With the help of Software Development Kit, one can easily get incorporated with runtimes, device profiles, compilers, libraries, tools and utilities. Moreover, this tool has ability to highlight an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment for C/C++ programming. JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python and other web languages are used for developing applications for many operating systems Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and more.
PhoneGap Last but not least, PhoneGap is one of the most excellent cross-platform app development tools that used for developing applications for platforms like iPad, Palm, Android, iPhone, iTouch, Symbian, and BlackBerry. PhoneGap uses two popular web development languages like HTML and JavaScript. Moreover, developers also have ability to access some commendable features like accelerometer, sound, GPS, camera, etc. One of the best things about using this development tool is it delivers an Adobe AIR app as cross-platform stimulator and online training sessions for accessing native API’s on your PhoneGap platform.
Conclusion: We all know that Cross-Platform app development process is one of the tougher tasks that can be only made easier with proper use of tools. As there are many different operating systems available in the market, so it becomes tougher for developers to choose particular platform for creating app. To deal with such kind of problem, above give tools definitely works. Do you have any other excellent tools? Want to share with us? Kindly reply in our comment section, we always appreciate your thought.


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