Sunday, 30 June 2013

Increasing Demand for Appcelerator Titanium Platform

Increasing Demand Titanium Development News By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD
An open source and powerful cross-platform framework, Appcelerator Titanium is a great choice for developers to expand a single category based app for multiple mobile platforms. Using this highly popular cross-platform framework, developers can expand all types of mobile applications for different mobile platforms like Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and many more. Now, it becomes easily possible for you to develop beautiful native applications without any hurdle.
Increasing Demand Titanium Development News By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD
This platform includes an open source SDK with more than 5000 devices and mobile operating system APIs, a powerful eclipse-based IDE, Studio, an MVC framework and cloud services. Today, Titanium is extremely popular open source framework for packaging and deploying mobile applications. All types of smart-phone users can use this framework and get a real quality application to use in their device. No matter whether they are looking to get iOS app, Android app or Windows Phone app, Titanium is one of the best cross-platform frameworks that meet with the requirements of all types of users.
However, there are many other cross-platform frameworks like PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Rhodes, MoSync, Snecha Touch, iWebkit and many more, but Appcelerator Titanium has secured its unique place in the market because of its unique traits that allow developers to enjoy all types of applications. When it comes to talk about its major difference from other frameworks, it is a pure JavaScript API, which creates native code. Using this framework, you can develop modules in Objective-C or Java that has custom native functionality for an application.
Increasing Demand Titanium Development News By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD
These developed modules can be internally called-in titanium application. As per various developers, it is one of the leading and highly effective tools to develop mobile application having single code-base for multiple mobile platforms. If you have decided to get Titanium based application, make sure to contact an offshore mobile application development company that serves superior quality applications at cost-effective rates. There are various offshore mobile app development companies that are serving a range of cross-platform development services. You can hire Titanium app developer to get you’re your mobile application of multiple categories such as business, education, social networking, sports, traveling and many more.
From various offshore companies, you need to hire a professional one that understands your requirements and serve you with an excellent application. However, you should ask the company about its portfolio and previous clients’ list so that you will get an idea about its expertise and knowledge. Among different offshore companies, Perception System has unique place in the market as it has an expert team of developers, who are specialized for offering satisfied services to its clients.
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