Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Excellent Cross-Platform Mobile Development Frameworks to Try

Today, we can say that its time for mobile application development industry to give remarkable experience to all the smart-phone users. Smartphone users can get all types of applications for their wants and make proper use of these applications for their different purposes. However, there are many mobile platforms like iOS and its versions, Android, Symbian, Palm, Windows and more, so it becomes difficult for people to get such application that works in all these platforms.
To solve this serious problem, Cross-platform mobile application development comes into existence and release the tension of every smart-phone user who is looking to get such application that works on different mobile platforms. Mobile app developers can find various open source frameworks to choose from; however, each cross-platform framework has its own benefits and features to offer its users.

Have a look at these mentioned cross-platform frameworks that are extremely popular among developers:

Appcelerator Titanium:
Appcelerator Titanium Development At PERCEPTION SYSTEM
Currently, Appcelerator Titanium is the most powerful open source cross-platform framework that allows people to create lots of applications that support different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and more. By using this framework, developers can also create robust applications for desktop and tablets so tablet users can also get their desired applications. Based on latest web technologies like Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, Python and PHP, Titanium offers various features to enjoy. Users are able to access 300+ social and other APIs easily.
PhoneGap Development At PERCEPTION SYSTEM
The second most popular cross-platform framework is PhoneGap that aid developer to creat resourceful applications for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone and more. This cross-platform framework uses different web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Developers can also access to different hardware features like camera, GPS/location data, sound, accelerometer and more. PhoneGap also allows you to get all types of mobile applications that you are looking for, and you can use same application in different mobile platforms.
RhoMobile Development At PERCEPTION SYSTEM
RhoMobile is another cross-platform framework that is Ruby-based framework used to create a range of native applications for your different smart-phone OSes. Different OSes like RIM, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Symbian. Through this framework, you just need to write code once and can use it to build another application for different smart-phone. Native applications also take huge benefit of obtainable hardware features like location data, camera, GPS and camera.

Apart from these mentioned cross-platform frameworks, there are various other frameworks also obtainable like Sencha Touch, Rhodes, AppMobi, MoSync, iWebkit, Sproutcore Touch and many more. However, all these frameworks are not as good as Titanium and PhoneGap. These two frameworks are completely best that offer developers hassle-free development of applications that can be used on different mobile OSes.
Now, you can get a dynamic cross-platform mobile application development service at cost-effective rates as Perception System offers cross-platform mobile app development service using Titanium framework as well as PhoneGap. The company has well-trained developers, who have vast experience in developing cross-platform applications.


  1. It is hard to say what is best.

    Building business apps in this new world is complex to say the least.

    Different tools offer varying strengths and weaknesses.

    For example - while mobile is growing like crazy, the desktop web is still forecast to hold steady at 1.5 billion units in use. This means that the ideal development platform should let you build once and then adapt to and deploy on different brands and form factors of mobile devuces AND the desktop web.

    Also HTML5 reporting is a key factor for business apps as is integration with data from SQL databases, web services and stored procedures.

    Then there is mapping and data integration with mapping. I could go on and on.

    It is still early days for mobile app development for business and over time the platforms that truly have completeness, productivity, breadth and depth of functionality and affordability will prevail

    Richard Rabins

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