Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How Beneficial PhoneGap Application Development Is?

PhoneGap is one of the well-popular open-source hybrid framework, which is created on HTML5 platform. It used for developing cross domain mobile applications and publishing such applications on respective application store. This open-source applications platform knows different mobile application development languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript support for mobile devices. With this framework, one can easily develop author native applications with web technologies and simply access to the APIs and app stores. An interface is also provided by this framework to the particular device features such as accelerometer, geo location, compass, camera, sound, etc.

Add to this, developers are able to create numerous applications for different smart phones apps and also function of the external interface for creating web view that can be integrated in the device. Phonegap cross platform application development is mostly adopted by the users due to its amazing feature, i.e. portability. For instance: Users can easily use developed application of windows phone to other mobile platforms, i.e. Android by transferring the code. Uncountable mobile platforms such as Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Palm, Android, iOS, Blackberry, webOS, Bada, etc. are supported by PhoneGap application development.

Better known as Apache Cordova, PhoneGap Application Developmentallows development of various applications for all different types of Smart-phones together with Foreign Function Interface. One of the best things for Mobile application developers is s/he can write the code using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 for developing any apps. After that, this code can be uploaded to the "build service" that will come the App for the device/platform. Phone Gap for Mobile App Development is available with certain amazing advantages such as:

  • Included cross-platform code that supports on various mobile platforms such as iOS, android, Windows.
  • Developers must only have development skills in technologies JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 for developing mobile applications for any smart-phones instead of having knowledge of all essential languages.
  • Under MIT license, it is free and open source project
  • Knowledgeable mobile/web developers can be a part of PhoneGap and make focus on the increased user base.
  • Compatible with vibration, photos, contacts, geolocation, accelerometer, offline storage etc.
  • Through the App store, distribute and integrate payment can be done by using PhoneGap
  • For easier testing, PhoneGap AIR simulators are used
  • Cost-effective and Affordable
  • The inhabitant ability of the device is influence by developers by using a single source code.

Available with above vantage, PhoneGap Application Development can be considered as an antecedent of emanating W3C device standards. This frameworks also have capability of using different technologies that save much time and cost as well.

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